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Career Pakistan staff and advisors consists of the following principal team-members:

Haider Qazilbash is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia , USA. His experience includes over 10 years work at the UN and NatWest-ICA. For more than 5 years, his work at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) included development of strategy; and design, operation, and programming of activities. At Career Pakistan, Haider Qazilbash is responsible for program strategy and operations.

Donya Aziz is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, which is a part of Pakistan's parliament, for more than 5 years. Earlier she worked for various international and foreign organizations, such as USAID, in areas related to Pakistan's development. She holds a medical doctor degree, and has undertaken research in the US. Donya Aziz's core strengths are undertaking advocacy and creating strategic partnerships and alliances. She advises on business development and resource mobilization for Career Pakistan.

Azhar Basit holds MSE and BSE degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. He has more than 10 years of IT work experience with various US-based Fortune 500 companies in different verticals - such as real estate, telecommunications, finance, insurance, and e-commerce. Azhar Basit directs information and knowledge management for Career Pakistan.

Osman Niazi is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. In addition, he holds MS and BS degrees in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania. His experience includes a unique combination of work in Finance, Business, and IT. Before working on various ventures in Pakistan , he worked in the US for Goldman Sachs and Co for its Fixed Income Research Department. Osman Niazi overseas financial planning and management for Career Pakistan.

Aisha Ommaya is a BSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics, UK. Besides English, she is fluent in French and Spanish; and has a French Baccalaureate (OIB) from the French International School in Maryland, USA. Her experience has ranged from researching for the BBC in Washington DC to undertaking the lead female performance role for the Phantom of the Opera play in Islamabad. Aisha Ommaya’s core strengths are communication, operations, and organizing in rapidly changing environments. At Career Pakistan, Aisha Ommaya leads identification and participation of diverse stakeholders to achieve program goals.

Other team-members:

In addition, Career Pakistan maintains six full-time core staff-members. 

Furthermore, Career Pakistan relies heavily on numerous non-full time staff. Career Pakistan draws on the expertise of these non-full time staff-members for its various assignments. Current and past staff members have included:

Adnan Adhami Rabia Ali
Adnan Riaz Rahema Iftikhar
Aliza Zaidi Rahim Nasar
Amrina Irfan Rashid Mughal
Benish Chaudhry Rikki Schmidle
Bilal Kayani Saad Rizvi
Fseeha Razvi Samad Khurram
Hajra Anwar Saman Khan
Hasan Malik Sarah Chaudhry
Hina Nashat Shahnawaz Khan
Madeeha Mahboob Shmyalla Jawad Ali
Maha Malik Shujaat Ali Khan
Maheen Awan Shumaila Ali
Maira Salman Sonia Ali
Maria Niazi Ursala Waqar
Mariam Burney Wajeeha Bajwa
Nadia Akram Wajeeha Butt
Palvashay Sethi Zaid Viqar
Rabeel Warraich

Moreover, Career Pakistan receives extensive participation from professionals in Pakistan at international organizations and multinational companies for its Mentor Pakistan program.  





Career Pakistan story on Radio Pakistan: Jan 7, 2008. Farwah Jamal, Co-Anchor, Europe Service, Radio Pakistan:
It is a personal privilege to host a Career Pakistan partner at our radio program today. This is the recruitment organization that found me, from nowhere, through three degrees of separation. It then placed me in a multinational company.


Bilal Kayani, Morgan Stanley, UK:
Working with Career Pakistan proved to be an experience of a lifetime. There was always so much to do.  My work included developing and implementing strategies to find the best candidates for the most sought-after organizations. In doing so, I ended up with a huge personal network of new friends and contacts.