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Jobs in Pakistan

Career Pakistan matches well-qualified woman professionals with jobs in Pakistan.


-- Career Pakistan story on Radio Pakistan: Jan 7, 2007
-- Career Pakistan story in The News: Sep 6, 2005 (Author: Schezee Zaidi)
-- Career Pakistan aired on Radio FM 89: Aug 20, 2005 (Rep: Nadia Akram)
-- Career Pakistan showcased in The Nation: Jul 10, 2005
-- Career Pakistan featured in Dawn: Dec 12, 2004 (Author: Shabnam Nasir)


Minister for Investment, Abdul Hafeez is doing a national and noble service for facilitating the return of qualified overseas nationals to Pakistan, which would certainly help Pakistan bring quality management and world standard skills in all fields.”


Career Pakistan matches well-qualified woman professionals with jobs in Pakistan.

Organizations today are increasingly striving to induct more women in their workplaces. Commonly, their objectives include improving female/male ratios to support woman empowerment and participation. Yet, many times, even organizations that follow a policy of advertising with a “females are encouraged to apply” caption, end-up hiring males. Usually, this is not by any ill design. Organizations are expected to focus on their core competencies. They cannot embark on searches for well-qualified woman applicants. To assist such organizations, Career Pakistan matches well-qualified woman professionals with career opportunities.

Our people

Career Pakistan staff consists of:

Adnan Adhami

Rabeel Warraich

Amrina Irfan

Rashid Mughal

Benish Chaudhry

Saad Rizvi

Bilal Kayani

Saman Khan

Fseeha Razvi

Sana Saggu

Madeeha Mahboob

Shahnawaz Khan

Maha Malik

Shumaila Ali

Maheen Awan

Sonia Ali

Maira Salman

Ursala Waqar

Nadia Akram

Wajeeha Bajwa

Palvashay Sethi

Wajeeha Butt

In addition, Career Pakistan receives extensive participation from professionals in Pakistan at international organizations and multinational companies for its Mentor Pakistan program.


For many jobs, Career Pakistan interacts directly with decision-makers of reputed private sector companies, multinational companies, international organizations, NGO's, and educational institutions. Decision-makers are first queried on their hiring needs. Once Career Pakistan determines a match between the organization's needs and the individual's qualifications, Career Pakistan arranges an interview. For specialized jobs, Career Pakistan will, at times, accost the services of one of its industry-specific volunteer advisors to corroborate whether there is a true match.

While there are many organizations coveting professionals, and many individuals seeking jobs, faithful matches between demand and supply of qualifications are not as abundant. Therefore candidates should not expect immediate results. In many cases, Career Pakistan will be unable to assist the individual at all. Similarly, Career Pakistan cannot guarantee to each organization that it will facilitate filling up of their vacancies, or even present CV's for appraisal. On the other hand, Career Pakistan will make every practical effort to minimize time of decision-makers exhausted in evaluating incompatible candidates.


Most CEO's and decision-makers do not work with Career Pakistan just to fill up their job openings in an efficient and effective manner. Many of them are themselves women. Thus they have an empathetic compassion for helping other women achieve suitable careers. Even male counterparts derive fulfillment from their personal participation in the shared goal of women empowerment. Several CEO's and decision-makers have taken an additional role of supporting Career Pakistan in an advisory capacity.

Contact us

All interaction with organizations and individuals is personalized. Even though, Career Pakistan operates computer-based solutions for internal efficiency, there are no web-based forms to fill, and no electronic registration. Whether you are an organization interested in hiring, or a professional desiring a job; Career Pakistan esteems all sharing our mission of empowering women, and presents each person individualized interaction. Our preferred mode of communication is e-mail. Information received is kept confidential.

Organizations: If you are an organization interested in hiring women professionals, please write to us.


Professionals: If you are a woman professional, and would like Career Pakistan to help you find a job:

Please e-mail us your CV (resume).
Also: Please let us know your:
1) availability date,
2) preferred cities, and
3) minimum acceptable salary.

[Optional] Please also let us know your:
4) preferred industry/sector of professional work [e.g. Telecom, Banking…],
5) areas of professional expertise [please provide 10 or more key words], and
6) years of total work experience
Please feel free to include other information relevant to your needs, if any.

[Important note: To speed-up processing, please send us your CV and answers to the above questions in one e-mail. Thank you.]

Rabia Ali